Louise and poop

So…we need to talk about something. And that something is Louise’s poop.


Louise has been potty trained for a while now, which in our world means she pees in the potty, doesn’t pee during nap time, and wears a pull-up at night. But what that did NOT mean is that she pooped in the potty.

Somewhere down the line, Louise got a little scared of pooping. So she started holding it in for a week at a time, then spending one weekend day in pain until she finally let a big one out. We tried many tactics, including Miralax, fiber gummies, and candy rewards, but she was persistent. So our next tactic was to try mineral oil in apple juice every day, so it would be easier for her to go and she would get used to it.

Well…that just resulted in little poops throughout the day, soiling her panties and making her the stinky girl at school. And she didn’t want us to clean it so then her rump started getting chafed and raw.

Frustrated and exhausted, we took her to her pediatrician. He told us that we have to find the magical amount of Miralax to give her so that she goes poop every day for three months. Skeptical (because we tried Miralax already), we started to give her Miralax-laced water, milk, or juice every evening. We started with two tablespoons, upped it to three, and found her ideal amount is about 2.5 tablespoons.

And, miraculously, she started pooping. There was a week or so where it was still an issue, but then she got more comfortable pooping in her pull-up. And then she pooped in the potty and we praised her and gave her ice cream. Over the past month, she’s been going in the potty by herself with ease, sometimes twice a day. She doesn’t even want us in the bathroom anymore – she shuts the door, does her business, and then washes up. It’s amazing and such a weight off of our shoulders. She’s been trying to get a piece of her Halloween candy for a successful poop but we are ok with that for now.

We are so happy things are more regular (PUN INTENDED)!


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