Room on the Broom

In early October, I sent my mother a flurry of emails and texts, trying to figure out what of the 8,402 holiday events and activities we were going to attend. I asked her if she thought bringing Louise to a Meyerson orchestra event with Christmas music would be a good idea, and her feedback was to try out the format in a less expensive environment to see how she handles it. So, I booked a mom-and-me date for this past Sunday at the Eisemann center to see Room on the Broom. (Funnily enough, a week later Grammy called asking if I’d heard of the book, “Witch on the Broom.” I didn’t know it was a book so we’ve been reading it ever since to prepare).

Sunday came around and we were ready! I told Louise she got to dress up in fancy clothes, and off we went. She couldn’t stop talking about the “movie.” (She was grumpy when I woke her up but she quickly perked up).

Then, we got to the Eisemann and sat in our seats. The lights went out, and the show started. Louise’s face dropped. She stopped moving. And she leaned in to me and I wrapped my arm around her.

Darn it. She was scared!

We sat there for about four minutes and then I bent over and whispered, “are you scared?” She nodded. I asked “do you want to go or stay?” and she said “GO!” So we went.

We sat in the lobby for a few minutes to get our bearings. I also wanted to make sure she wasn’t scarred or anything. She quickly turned back into her normal self, not without making an “I’m scared” face for the camera (followed quickly by an “I’m happy” face).
11.16.15 Happy face11.16.15 Scared face

So instead of a date at Room on the Boom, we went to the mall to buy her some clothes and a yellow car. Then we ate at the Nordstrom restaurant and went home. She excitedly told dad about how we saw the witch and the cat, but not the frog or the bird because we left. So all in all, I think it was a good day!

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