We traveled to New Orleans for Thanksgiving this year and had such a blast! It was nice because we missed all of the crazy Dallas weather and it was actually pretty nice – almost hot! – in New Orleans.

We got the girls their own headphones for the flight (FINALLY) and it was pretty luxurious on the way down. Michael also downloaded a couple of apps, and the Elmo app that “calls” you was the overall favorite.

Celine kept looking up at us and saying “Elmo! Elmo!”IMG_1335

Oh, and Louise demanded to wear her princess dress on the plane. I figured it’s probably a good thing because she would be easy to spot. So here’s the princess, with her iPad, snack, and headphones.IMG_1337

I was so excited to see Juliette again, especially since she was now three months old which (in my opinion) is the primo “infant” stage. She was so cute!!! Michael and I took turns snuggling, playing, and trying to get her to smile.

We hung out for the evening and the next morning it was Thanksgiving. I put the girls in their matching dresses and Juliette wore blue too. We took a few pics of the ladies.
12.3.15 Thanksgiving girls

Look at this naked cutie.
IMG_1346 IMG_1347DSC_0635 DSC_0637 DSC_0639 DSC_0643 DSC_0644 DSC_0658

The next day was the day after Thanksgiving, which meant…Christmas season!! I wasted no time in getting the girls in holiday appropriate clothing.
IMG_1364 IMG_1367

After picking flowers, we headed to City Park for beignets and park time.
IMG_1378 IMG_1384IMG_1393 IMG_1394

That night we went to the Celebration at the Oaks (back in City Park). The line was crazy long to get in and Celine wanted to WALK, so when we had to pop in line to actually get in, she was not happy!

We walked around for a bit and finally came upon the carousel. Celine wasn’t a fan but Louise LOVED it. She and Michael took two turns on it.
IMG_1413 IMG_1406IMG_1410

After we went home, we put them in their new Christmas pj’s and sent them off to bed!IMG_1420 IMG_1422 DSC_0699

The next day I wasn’t feeling so great, but we headed over to Michael’s aunt and uncle’s house for some charbroiled oysters. Louise had a great time and ate, like…six oysters. What?
IMG_1425 IMG_1432

Aunt Mary had the Little Tykes play kitchen from the ’80’s. It was amazing – a frying pan, coffee pot, telephone…it was legit. Of course the girls were obsessed.

The next morning we were up early to catch our flight. Luckily miss Juliette was up too, and came over to say goodbye!

We all said goodbye and hopped on our plane back home.
IMG_1447 IMG_1449

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