House Updates

We’ve been slowly making a few small updates around the house.

My grandmother and mom made us curtains from some linen Mrs. Haydel gave us. I really like how it makes the room look! We adjusted the curtain rod a bit after this photo because the right side was slightly lower.

We finally had our dining room light hung. I’m excited for when I can move the sideboard from Celine’s room into this room. I am thinking probably by this time next year (it’s currently our changing table). I’m also on the lookout for fabric to use for curtains in here, but I’m being really specific about what I want, so…we’ll see.

And we finally got a mantel! We wanted something pretty low-profile and our contractor gave us the name of a website to check out: Elmwood Reclaimed Timber. Now I have to figure out how to decorate a mantel…oh and get the fireplace to a usable condition. #details
12.10.15 Mantel


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