Holiday weekend

We had a fun weekend with family and friends!

We planned on going to the Arboretum on Friday evening for the 12 Days at Night activity, but by the time we could get everyone together, it was too late. We still had a good time at our house with Grandma, Papa, Gigi, Taylor, and Hillary. And of course I still had to take pictures of the girls in their cute outfits.
12.14.15 Celine snowman 112.14.15 Celine snowman 212.14.15 Celine snowman 3

Louise grabbed the stockings and did what anyone would do with stockings…put them on!
12.14.15 Stockings

Saturday we laid low, especially since the weather was pretty unappealing. That evening we left the girls with Kathy and headed over to Susanne’s house (which is so amazing!) for her Ugly Christmas Sweater party. I couldn’t bring myself to wear an ugly sweater but I wore see-through silver lame pants and tacky accessories, so hopefully that made up for it.
12.14.15 UCS party 112.14.15 UCS party 212.14.15 UCS party 312.14.15 UCS party 4

Sunday we decided we were going to knock out a Santa visit. We started the whole Santa thing with the famous North Park Santa, so although there are other options in many other places we kind of want to keep with tradition. Unfortunately he is super popular, so visiting him is a whole process.

First, I went to the mall at 9am to wait in line to get a number, which they started handing out at 10am. I was number 101…I got there an hour early and there were still 100 other people ahead of me in line! People had lawn chairs and everything.

Then, we gathered our smartly-dressed children and brought them to the mall around 4pm. There was a huge mass of people, all with their numbers, and every 15-20 minutes, the coordinator would start shouting out numbers: “Anyone with a number less than 40? 50?” etc. He put people in the line according to the number they had. Luckily we got there right as he was calling numbers, and we were the second-to-last family in line before he closed it again. I stood in line for about 25 minutes while Michael strolled the girls around the mall, and then when I was right at Santa’s house he came back. Around 4:45 it was finally Santa time!
12.14.15 Santa the girls

Celine has been talking about Santa nonstop for weeks. Every time she sees a picture of Santa or he’s in a song or something, she screeches “Santa! Santa Claus!” We did not think she was going to freak out when we placed her on his lap. Louise on the other hand doesn’t have the best track record with Santa, so we didn’t know how she would do. Turns out the opposite happened! Celine was so excited when she saw Santa, but the second we put her on his lap she started screaming. Louise on the other hand sat there calmly and even tried to smile.
Santa 2015

We grabbed Celine (and she of course immediately stopped crying and started saying “Santa!” again), and Santa turned his attention to Louise and asked what she wanted for Christmas. She timidly said “presents.” Lol.
12.14.15 Santa Louise

After waiting in yet another line to get our photo, we headed out to meet Amelie and her family for dinner. We went to Eureka, a restaurant on Fitzhugh, and were a little nervous that they wouldn’t be super kid friendly. Turns out they were AMAZING – they had high chairs and kid menus/coloring pages and everything – and didn’t mind at all when Louise and Amelie decided to chase each other around the restaurant. A good ending to the weekend!

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