Tiny Tina

A few months ago, I started a campaign to get Michael on board with getting another cat. We originally planned on having two cats, getting the second 5-10 years after Nietzsche. However between getting Nietzsche and now, we’ve had a lot going on with houses, kids, jobs, etc., and we weren’t sure if we could handle another cat. When we discussed as a birthday present option for me, we ended up tabling it.

Then, in early December, a coworker had a six-month old cat he was looking to place. She was petite, had already had kittens, and was calm. Michael and I talked again about it and ultimately decided to give her a chance. We’re so glad we did!

Meet Tina!
12.14.15 Tina 1

She and Nietzsche, although not yet best friends, are definitely getting along.

12.14.15 Tina 2

She’s very quiet but likes knowing where we all are. She loves to be pet but is still iffy on getting picked up. We love her already!


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