Celine: 21 months

Celine’s personality is really starting to come out!

She is very playful and likes to flirt with those around her. She can play by herself for a long time, but she still wants to cuddle with me quite a bit. She is such a second child, too – she can hold her own with Louise but knows when to “tattle.”

She’s repeating everything and chattering nonstop. Her favorite is to go through all of the farm animals and say who they are and what sound they make. I egg her on because the way she says “cock-a-doodle-doo” is just too cute and I want to hear it over and over.

We’ve noticed that she likes to carry a lot of things in her hands, and she’s pretty good at it. My parents have Russian nesting dolls and she came out of a bedroom the other day with about seven or eight of them in her arms, balanced precariously on top of each other.
She’s started fighting back against Louise – we even saw her slap Louise on the face once! I guess Louise’s reign is at least partially over.


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