Haydel family photos

While we were in New Orleans for Thanksgiving, we had someone take photos of the entire family (except Michael’s sister Sarah). We really wanted a grandparents-with-grandkids shot which we got!
Haydel Family-31Haydel Family-23Haydel Family-19Haydel Family-14

We also had some cute ones of the families.
Haydel-us Chauvin-7

We made sure to get one of everyone. Other than Celine’s refusal to look at the camera I think this one’s a winner.
Haydel Family-1 (1)

And then we went inside to get a few additional photos – just the grandkids, men with grandkids, women with grandkids. For the most part the girls were cooperative.
Haydel Family-grandkids Haydel Family-all the girls

…until the moms relinquished their babies to the men, where all hell broke loose.
Haydel Family-best pic ever

Best picture ever?


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