New Year’s Resolutions

I think I did a pretty good job with my 2015 resolutions of taking better care of my skin and hair (fitness…that’s another story).

I’ve been following my regimen pretty much without fail and I can tell my skin is more moisturized. It still includes twice-daily cleanses and moisturizing, with some exfoliation a couple of times a week and masks here and there. I did a bunch of research on the South Korean 10-step regimen and have incorporated some of those steps (like toner and ampoule) into my daily routine. I’ve really stepped up my facial game in the second half of the year which has also helped. I’d like to continue doing all of this, and potentially add a couple of those Photo Facial things to help even out my skin tone.

For my hair, I cut even more off and the baby growth from Celine is finally getting to a reasonable length. I do a mask once a week which keeps it softer, and I air-dry a lot more than I used to which I’m hoping is keeping my hair healthier. Of course with my hair basically back to normal I’ve started getting the itch to change it…

I have a couple of additional external things on the docket for 2016, but I’d like to look internally for this year’s resolutions.

  • Prioritize: Me–>Michael–>the girls.
    1. Michael and I have started working on putting each other above the kids. We’ve always done a good job being on the same page but we were slipping into that mode where you take care of the kids and not pay enough attention to each other. We’re also trying to ensure each of us has alone time, even if that’s giving the other time to take a nap in the middle of the day.
  • Be mindful.
    1. I heard something the other day; that there’s a difference between feeling an emotion and letting it take over you. Unfortunately I fall into the latter camp. Sometimes (when it’s a good emotion) it can be a good thing, but too easily I get swept up in something and let my feelings overtake everything else. I’d like to try to be more mindful of each moment and, while still recognizing the emotions I feel, not let them control me.

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