Louise: 3.8


We are at a crossroads with this girl. We can totally see her starting to come out of that terrible two/terrible three age: she’s doing much better at verbally expressing herself and understanding her surroundings, she is definitely understanding cause and effect and can deal with timelines that aren’t RIGHT NOW, she is a breeze on flights now because she can keep herself busy, and we see some great interaction with Celine. HOWEVER. She is still pushing her limits and testing our boundaries on a daily basis. She still needs pushes – either threats or rewards – to do a lot of her daily routines. And she is really starting to think independently…which would be fine, except her version is to do things like cut her own hair. You can see a little snippet on the top of her head in the picture, but her left side is also pretty butchered.

It’s a great age, and an exhausting age.

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