“Shannon.” Michael says to me while I’m rocking Celine last night. “SHANNON.”


“Tina ran out. I had the door open to air out the house (from our garage renovation) and she bolted.”

This is how our Monday evening started. I was of course very distressed, and Michael and I both spent a lot of time outside, trying to coax Tina back inside. I was very worried that since she was a black cat and it was night, she would get run over.

We didn’t find her, so we went to bed and hoped for the best. I’ll say that a few tears were shed on my part.

The next morning, I called my mom very upset, and she reminded me that she’d had cats that had gotten out/run away and they all came back or didn’t go far. It gave me a bit of hope.

When Michael got home, he texted me this photo.

There she is!!

We spent the night trying to coax her in with treats, tuna, and cat food. The first attempt resulted in me trying to grab her scruff and failing. On the second attempt, she actually came in the house, but we scared her and she bolted before we could close the door.

One of my friends suggested putting a blanket out for Tina since it was so cold, so we put out her bed. Within two minutes, there she was, snoozing comfortably in her bed.

That little turkey!

The next day, I came home at lunch to try to lure her in. No dice – I didn’t know where she was. That evening I came home, got the girls situated with their dinner, and she showed up again for food and treats. However she wasn’t making it wholly into the house, which was a problem. I asked Michael to google “things that make cats go crazy,” and beyond food related items, one of the things they suggested was a laser pointer. We tried that and although she was interested, Tina was smarter than us and did not step foot in the house. Then, I realized that maybe kittens meowing would do the trick. We knew that Tina was a mom and that the meows of her kitten brought her into her old owners house, so we decided to try it. I played the video and I went into the guest bedroom to find a box (to pretend the kitten was in), and when I came out, she was far inside the house. Michael scooted over and shut the front door, and we had our cat back!

We’re so glad to have Tina back! She seems pretty happy too – she’s been very affectionate and has enjoyed her food, litter box, and bed.


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