Celine: 22 months


Gosh…this age. She is SO CUTE.

Her vocabulary just exploded. If you need someone to narrate your life, let me know and I’ll send her over. It’s non-stop and I love it. For bedtime she tells me what’s next: “give daddy hug…and kiss. Brush teeth. Read story. BED.”

Still a major lover of songs and dancing. She also has this move she does when she’s excited that includes a mini-squat and “wheels on the bus”-style hand motions. Some jibberish rounds it out.

She can run now! She loves doing it whenever she can.

She’s also a major snuggler. Every once in a while she will roll up to one of us and just request to be held for a few minutes. Of course everyone obliges because cuuuuuute.


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