Garage reno

The garage was the last room of our house that we hadn’t touched since we moved in. It was kind of a mess…there was:

  • Wooden shelving that a previous owner had built, poorly
  • One florescent light right in the middle
  • A random shed in the corner that we were worried was a spider den or something
  • Lots of welding plugs and stuff
  • The old fuse box still in the wall
  • Holes in the drywall


Mike and I spent one weekend cleaning it up and moving almost everything into our dining room to prep for demo.

We were planning on doing the demo ourselves and then hiring our contractor to do all of the electric work (removing the old fuse box, putting a plug in the ceiling next to the garage door opener, and removing the huge welding plugs) and the drywall patching and painting. However, he quoted us a great price on demo too – I think he didn’t want us attempting it and making things worse, lol. So the first week of January he came out and did it all. Other than the last coat of paint, they finished in about four days. It was amazing and we loved how much it changed the garage.

The painter thought he was going to finish in three days, but our drywall was old and the paint was yellowing. So he had to come back the next day with mega thick paint to finish the job. This is what it looked like after the first painting attempt.
IMG_0073 IMG_0074 IMG_0075

And this is the garage with the thicker paint.

Now that our garage did not look like a rat’s nest, Michael really wanted to clean up the floor before we put everything back in. We debated an epoxy floor but we just didn’t need it. So he bought some concrete cleaner and fixed it up niiiiice.

Then it was time to move everything back in! Just in time for our Valentine’s Day party (yes, we are having a Valentine’s Day party). We’re bought metal rolling shelves which are amazing because we can just scootch them all in the corner. We need one more and then I think we’re good for now.

Our last to-do for the garage is to build a mini mud-area to the left of the door. Probably just bins and some hooks or something.


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