Mardi Gras!

Early in September, we found some inexpensive tickets to New Orleans during Mardi Gras season and we jumped. Michael and I thought Louise would definitely be old enough to understand and enjoy it, and Celine would probably enjoy it as well. So we went!

Of course, first stop on a New Orleans trip involves fawning all over Juliette.


We went to our first parade on Thursday night – Muses. Celine was not into sitting on my shoulders, and was pretty annoyed when the first marching band played music right in front of us before the parade started, but once things got going she got pretty into it. We didn’t have a ladder for them so Michael and my arms got pretty tired!IMG_0210_2

Oh…this? I gave them each some fruit snacks while we waited for the parade to start, and Celine put them all in her mouth at once.IMG_0209_2IMG_0394

Louise was captivated. The discovery that there is an event out there where you get to stay up late, catch beads and toys, and hang out on your dad’s shoulders? She knows this now and she’s never going back.IMG_0405IMG_0419

The next day, the girls stayed at home while I went to a Krewe of Hermes luncheon with Mrs. Haydel and Michael went to lunch in the French Quarter with Ross and his friends. We met up after. It was quite the experience, being in the FQ during Mardi Gras!

More quality time with Juliette. Every time Dom and Ross would bring her over, both Louise and Celine would smother her with attention and love. It was a competition to see who Juliette liked more, and for her part, she grinned, giggled, and kicked her feet equally between both girls.IMG_0298_2

We decided to skip the parades on Friday night which was a good call, since we had been partying since lunchtime. Saturday was our big day for the day parades! We got ready and headed out for Iris and Tucks.IMG_0455

But first: photo shoot with the flower. Work it…IMG_0458IMG_0460IMG_0462IMG_0465

Celine was PUMPED and ready to go!

So was Juliette. #poseIMG_0300_2

The granddaughters!IMG_0628


We borrowed a ladder from Mrs. Haydel’s friends the Mouledouxs, who also had a house around the corner from the parades where we could take bathroom breaks and pit stops. I don’t think Louise went tee-tee the whole time she was up in the ladder. Priorities.IMG_0471IMG_0473


Celine’s innovative way of catching beads. Putting those pigtails to work.IMG_0553IMG_0560

It was really fun, and not just for the kids. I’m a little jealous that Michael grew up with this as a kid…it really is magical.IMG_0566

Dance break!IMG_0592

Playing with the two babies. For the most part, we got two of everything, which is great because that meant the girls wouldn’t fight over things. (Yeah right)IMG_0601IMG_0630

Louise’s plunger was a big deal.IMG_0631

We started around 10:30ish and stayed out until around 4. Of course we went straight through Celine’s nap time, which she was totally game to do. She then passed out briefly in the car and had a bedtime about an hour earlier than usual.IMG_0619

I can’t wait to go back next year!


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