Louise: 3.9

So…I forgot to post this. Three days before her next monthly post…here it is!


Guess who’s into princesses? Although Frozen still holds a dear place in our hearts, we’re moving on to two more: Tangled and Cinderella. I personally love Tangled better than Frozen so I am all about this. Since Louise has been talking nonstop about Cinderella, I decided to get the original movie so she can experience it. Although many parts are scary to her (she runs and hides behind the couch, peeking over to watch), she definitely likes it. I was curious if she would since it’s definitely a departure from the Frozen/Tangled style, but I’m so happy she’s into it! This means we listen to princess songs in the car now. She is working hard to identify all of the princesses. My mom found this book at Half Price Books the other day that has Cliff’s Notes versions of each princesses story. It is hysterical…for example, Jasmine meets a street rat and goes on a lovely trip around the world. THE END.DSC_0364

I definitely notice her starting to transition from toddler to kid. She can think in longer timelines which is nice, and she is SO good at articulating her needs and wants. The one thing she’s developed is repeating one word while she gets her bearings. So if she wants to talk RIGHT NOW (which is always) but hasn’t fully formed what she wants to say, she’ll say “AND AND AND AND AND AND…” or some other word until she gets it together.DSC_0367

I’ve seen her be thoughtful, compassionate, and just…nice to Celine which I love, of course. But she’s still a kid, and I’ve also seen her hit Celine over the head with a purse. So…you know.


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