The Zoo

I’m almost embarrassed to admit this, but…we have never been to either the Dallas or Fort Worth zoo. I realize that means we have been literally ruining our children’s lives, but we’ve been pretty much everywhere else in Dallas (arboretum, aquarium, Perot museum, etc) and we just never made it out to a zoo.

Anyway, our friends are members and suggested going one warm February weekend because it was still winter pricing, which meant we could get in for $5 a person. Sold!

It was a ton of fun and the girls really liked the big game animals. Celine cried dramatically when we had to say goodbye to the giraffes.
3.9.16 Zoo3.9.16 Zoo 2

Celine knew exactly what gorillas did. We never taught her that? (Yes I realize she is not sitting on a gorilla)3.9.16 Zoo 63.9.16 Zoo 53.9.16 Zoo 43.9.16 Zoo 3

The next weekend was another beautiful one, so we decided to head back to the zoo since we hadn’t visited the children’s section and the barn. The girls weren’t quite as into it which surprised me a bit, considering Old MacDonald is Celine’s favorite song right now.

I also took zero pictures except this one.
3.9.16 Zoo 7

This time we mainly romped around the picnic area and ate our snacks, then rode the carousel and went home. Celine was a little scared of the carousel but when we got off she cried hysterically, wanting to get back on. Toddlers, amirite?


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