Celine Turns Two: The projects

I decided on the theme early on since I picked out the invitations in January and they had arrow-like shapes on it and a pink, purple, mint, yellow, and gray color scheme. As I browsed Pinterest with that in mind, I decided on a tribal princess/boho/Aztec theme.

The first thing I did was make her a fancy number “2.” It is basically a pinata except that it’s not a pinata.

I started it in January because we had huge cardboard boxes from our garage renovation that I could use to make the 2 shape. I free-handed each 2 and then cut out strips to connect the two pieces, using masking tape to attach. I ordered tissue paper from papermart.com (LOVE them) and fringed it. I decided on a chevron pattern and used tacky glue to get all of the tissue paper on there. It was easy enough…just time consuming. Aka my favorite type of project.

Once our Valentine’s Day party was out of the way, I could really get cracking on the projects. I took a lunch trip to Michael’s and wandered around getting ideas. You could say I bought a few things.

The first thing I did was make the boho crowns. Originally I was just going to have them as-is, but as I was pulling everything out of the bags I thought I’d add feathers to see if it made it a little sassier. I liked the way it looked for the girl’s crowns!
2.26.16 Girl tiaras

I jazzed up Celine’s a little with glitter-dipped feathers. She IS the birthday girl, after all.
2.26.16 Celine's tiara

I did something similar for the boy’s crowns and those worked out as well. They took a bit more time to make because they had a lot of feathers and felt arrows, but I am in love with them.
2.23.16 Crowns
2.26.16 Boy crowns

I was pumped because these were so inexpensive and easy to do, and definitely fit with the theme.

The other major “boho” thing I knew I wanted were arrows. I browsed Pinterest for a few different ways to do them. At first I was just going to use sticks I found outside, but thought the better of it and bought wooden dowels at Michael’s. The first style used paper and embroidery floss.

The other way I discovered was to use feathers. Obviously I had a ton of those (again…PaperMart), and used the embroidery floss to pretty up where the feathers were hot-glued to the dowels.

I was just going to toss the arrows on the tables, but I realized they could hold down the balloons and actually serve a purpose. So that’s what I did. I considered adding some feathers to the balloon ribbons as well but just didn’t have time.

I had bought a bunch of paper, so I decided to make a few garlands. I cut out the shapes and then strung them together while binge watching the first four seasons of Girls. I also used them to make cupcake toppers.

I tried to make a cake for Celine but failed miserably. Luckily Tom Thumb had an adorable little cake that fit with the color scheme, so I used that! I stuck a few feathers in it and of course put the sparkly “2” candle on top. The feathers blocked the view of the candle for everyone else, but that’s ok because Celine was not interested in blowing out the candle…just eating the cake.
IMG_1031 - Version 2DSC_0446

Overall I was really pleased with the way the decor turned out. I liked how colorful everything was and the fact that the kids actually wore the crowns! I’m a little sad that her party is over because it was a fun theme to work with, but now I have to focus on Louise’s party. It’s kind of fun party planning for two girls =)



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