Celine’s 2nd birthday party

We planned to have Celine’s party the Saturday before her birthday at The Little Gym. They are amazing there – they help set up, guide the kids through fun activities, and clean everything up after. Best of all, Celine LOVED it. She was so excited to have all of her friends from day care, she lapped up being the center of attention, and she gleefully did whatever they asked everyone to do. I was so happy she had a good time!

We dressed the girls in their thematically-appropriate leggings (from Etsy) and Celine in her birthday shirt (…Etsy) and told them we were on our way to Celine’s birthday party. They were SO EXCITED.

And off we went! The Little Gym has the gym part and a little room for eating. I of course decorated the room.

Time to party!

Louise takes Circus on Mondays at DIS and when we ask what she did, she always says she hung upside down. Turns out she was telling the truth – she is an expert at hanging upside down!

They started out with some free play.

We moved on to bells.

And other fun stuff!

Of course we invited Sawyer. My other friends were like, “ooooh, that’s Sawyer” when they saw him because he and Louise were hanging out the whole time.

Then they pulled out the ultimate crowd pleaser, the parachute thing.

And the other crowd pleaser – bubbles!

At one point, Celine remembered that we walked in with food and cupcakes and tried to get into the other room. This was her reaction when Michael told her it wasn’t quite time.

One more activity before snack time.

Then it was time for snacks and cupcakes! I was shocked any of the children actually put on the crowns.

And a little Happy Birthday for the special lady! She jumped right into the cake as we were singing…homegirl don’t care.

Then we had a few more minutes of playtime before it was time to go. I was so happy almost everyone could come and that Celine (and Louise) had a good time!


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