Celine: 2 years

Our big girl!

This girl is a mover and a shaker.

Multiple parents from day care commented at her birthday party that she comes over and greets their child when they’re dropped off, saying their name and giving them a hug. At home, we still point at a class picture and she will rattle off each child’s name – she really likes having a posse around her. I definitely think she considers Louise’s two best friends (Amelie and Sawyer) her friends too. She shrieks just as loud when we see them!

She is still learning how to manage Louise but they are doing much better together on the whole. Celine is getting a little possessive – she’s even called me “Cece’s mommy” to Louise – but Louise is getting kinder and kinder which helps Celine get over whatever she’s protesting.

Her fits are getting difficult to manage. “They” say you are supposed to ignore or divert when a toddler is throwing a fit, but Celine makes sure you can do neither of those things. She is into throwing things when she gets upset which ranges from mildly humorous to seriously stressful, like when it’s a cup of yogurt she decides to throw. If we ignore her, she will maneuver herself into our view and continue throwing, or she does this thing where she loudly barks “MOM!” in the middle of her crying which always alarms me. She is also completely impervious to diverting her attention. Little sassy one, this lady.

The one thing that does help Celine is a little snuggle time. If she’s upset or if she hurt herself, she likes to nuzzle in there for a few minutes to regroup. I love this.

All of a sudden, Celine doesn’t want to wear anything. No diaper mommy! No pants! No shirt! See my booty?

She does like to pick out her clothes, which consists of her pointing to some pajamas with monkeys, me reminding her that we don’t wear pajamas to school, then her pivoting to her shirts and searching for her one magenta tunic with gold stars on it. “STARS…STARS!” Sometimes I can convince her to wear something else, but most days when “stars” is clean, that’s what she is wearing. She is not interested in jackets or sweaters and if you put cute socks on her feet, she’s not interested in putting shoes over them, either.

She is talking in full sentences and making connections between things which is so fun to see. She likes telling Michael and I what we’re doing, which direction to drive, where the sky is, if birds are chirping, and what song to sing or play on the speakers. Luckily she’s bossy enough to put her developed speaking skills to good use!


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