Easter weekend

After a busy week, we had a fun and busy Easter weekend!

Friday was Louise’s field day at school. The kids in her grade (preschool-3) weren’t super interested in all of the games that were set up. I think they had a better time just playing on the playground. Oh well…the parents had fun!
3.29.16 Field Day 13.29.16 Field Day 23.29.16 Field Day 33.29.16 Field Day 43.29.16 Field Day 63.29.16 Field Day 5

Oh – Celine’s birthday present from Aunt Dom and Uncle Ross came in this weekend too. Dom is of course smart enough to get something for Louise too, and it was Anna and Elsa hooded towels. These towels have been game changers. We can get the girls to do all of their regular bath/bedtime routine stuff because of these towels!!
3.29.16 Towels 13.29.16 Towels 23.29.16 Towels 43.29.16 Towels 3

Grammy and Grumps came in town Friday evening so we had dinner at our house and relaxed. Saturday we ran some errands and then went to dinner on Lower Greenville. The girls weren’t too interested in their dinner but definitely totally consumed their after-dinner popsicles from Steel City Pops!

Their faces…
3.29.16 Popsicles 13.29.16 Popsicles 23.29.16 Popsicles 33.29.16 Popsicles 4

And then Sunday was Easter! Louise wandered into our room around 8am and said, “um, there are a lot of eggs out there.” Michael and I gave her a shocked look and asked if the Easter bunny came. She excitedly said “I think so!!” and Easter morning was officially kicked off.

We started by waking up Celine (she was already awake, just hanging in her crib) and checking out their Easter baskets. To say Louise was excited is an understatement. We had ourselves a running commentary of every item they pulled out of the baskets.

We always give the girls swimsuits for Easter (and shoes this year too), but we tried to limit the candy since they were getting candy in the Easter eggs. Of course the first thing they both snatched up was the M&M tube.
3.29.16 Easter morning 13.29.16 Easter morning 23.29.16 Easter morning 33.29.16 Easter morning 43.29.16 Easter morning 5

After decimating the Easter baskets, it was time for the Easter egg hunt. Which consisted of each girl being led around by a boy (Michael with Louise, Dr. Haydel with Celine) and getting eggs pointed out to them. Celine got a little into it but Louise was REALLY into it.

After we emptied the candy from the eggs, they all mysteriously ended up in Louise’s basket. Then we tried on our swimsuits and relaxed for a bit.
3.29.16 Easter 13.29.16 Easter 23.29.16 Easter 3

When the girls’ swimsuits were delivered, I laughed for about 15 minutes because the bikini bottoms looked tiny…definitely unable to hold a swim diaper. They weren’t as bad as I thought they’d be once they were on but it was still pretty skimpy. =)3.29.16 Easter 4

Just scooting around with the Easter basket.3.29.16 Easter 5

A little downtime watching Rapunzel.3.29.16 Easter 6

After naps (which lasted a long time…because of the candy I bet), we headed over to Grandma and Papa’s for Easter dinner with the family. For some reason I did not get a single picture even though we dressed up. Oh well.

We could tell Louise will remember this Easter and had a great time. It was fun!


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