New Orleans girl’s trip

As we do almost every April, my friends and I jumped on a plane and headed off to a fun location for a girl’s weekend! The location was extra super fun for me since it was New Orleans. I was excited to experience the city as a true tourist.

I did bring Louise along with me so she could spend some quality time with Grammy, Grumps, and the Chauvins. I swear she was more excited than I was. I was so nervous about how she would do but, for real, she barely noticed I was gone and did not ask about either Mike or me the whole time. I saw her briefly on Monday before my flight and her attitude was basically like, um, don’t steal my spotlight. Good to know she can make the trip!
4.12.16 Louise in Nola 14.12.16 Louise in Nola 24.12.16 Louise in Nola 34.12.16 Louise in Nola 44.12.16 Louise in Nola 54.12.16 Louise in Nola 6

We flew out early Saturday morning and didn’t stop until we collapsed on the plane Monday evening.

After dropping our bags at our hotel (we stayed at The Roosevelt), we headed out for lunch at Luke. It was delicious and a great start to our getaway.
4.12.16 54.12.16 64.12.16 7

After lunch, we motored to the Garden District for our tour. The tour guide was a history professor and we all learned so much! Plus we got to see many celebrity houses. Win-win.
4.12.16 4
4.12.16 134.12.16 84.12.16 9

We checked in after the tour and walked around a bit, then headed over to our dinner at Peche. The food here was also delicious. Shocker. We had a quick cocktail and some guacamole on our trek to Peche which ended up being a fun little place.
4.12.16 14.12.16 2

4.12.16 3

We were all pretty beat from the early morning and 17,000 steps we’d taken, so we packed it in around 10:30 and went to bed.

We had our breakfast at Brennan’s at 9:30am, so we were all up fairly early to shower, dress, and get ready. Brennan’s was so cute and the food was amazing. None of us had room for dessert (yes, in New Orleans dessert is normal for breakfast…so are bottles of wine), but we watched three tables get the bananas foster and got to experience that, so we felt ok about it.
4.12.16 104.12.16 114.12.16 12
4.12.16 21

We didn’t have any plans prior to our dinner and vampire/ghost tour that evening, so we spent the day crisscrossing the French Quarter, sippin’ on drinks and scopin’ Brad and Angelina’s house.
4.12.16 224.12.16 234.12.16 174.12.16 184.12.16 244.12.16 16

SHARK ATTACK!4.12.16 19

The oldest bar in New Orleans!4.12.16 20

We finally headed back to our hotel to freshen up, change clothes, and then head to dinner. We were pumped about Tujague’s but it didn’t live up to expectations. Still good, just not the level we were getting used to in New Orleans.
4.12.16 25

We followed up dinner with a vampire and ghost tour. It wasn’t quite as interesting as the Garden District tour but our tour guide was very animated!

Around 9, we were set free to wreak havoc on Bourbon. And we did! Lauren really wanted to hit up a karaoke bar so we parked it at the Cat’s Meow and let loose. A little too loose…but that’s a story for another day. =) We all discovered the Boomerang app and I have about 15 “videos” from this evening but I’m not quite sure how to get them on here.
4.12.16 264.12.16 27

Monday morning peeked out and we peeled ourselves out of bed and headed to a leisurely lunch at Commander’s Palace. It was a top notch experience across the board and we very much enjoyed it! I’d say my favorite meal was probably Brennan’s, but I also have a soft spot for breakfast food, so…who knows.
4.12.16 28

I got to squeeze in a quick visit to see Juliette which made me so happy. The girls got my bag through security so I could just breeze on through and maximize my time with my niece.

All in all it was a great trip, and we walked over 18 miles so we didn’t feel too bad about all of the food we ate! My feet and my liver aren’t too pleased with me, but they can just deal. 🙂


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