Celine: 2.1

This girl’s vocabulary has exploded. All of a sudden she’s speaking in completely full sentences: “No, daddy, I don’t want water, I already have milk.” WHAT??

She also LOVES songs and either sings them on her own or lip-syncs to what is being played. It’s really cute…she pairs it with elaborate hand motions and a lot of feeling.

She moved to the 2-3 year old room at day care and her new teachers say she’s talking like crazy and has to know every kid’s name. She also managed the transition really well and seems to be thriving in the bigger kid’s room. Such a second kid 🙂

Her hair is definitely growing and is in that in-between stage. I do a lot of pigtails and top ponies but we’re just going to have to wait it out until she can get a real haircut and even things out.

This girl is going to be a sassy one! But that’s why we love her.


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