Louise’s princess party

We had a wonderful time over the weekend celebrating Louise’s 4th birthday party!

I asked Louise a few months ago what she wanted to do for her birthday. One of her friends had a cool, gender-neutral answer when her mom asked her (something about dragons), so I was wondering if Louise would be the same. Nope! She immediately said “princess, pink, ballerina, flowers.” Ok then…princess party it is!

I googled “princess party” and discovered that there are many companies that send over the princess of your choosing to your house and paint faces, play games, and generally be the party hostess. Done and done. I worked with Fairytale Princess Parties to ensure Cinderella would make an appearance.

I ordered tutus for each girl from Etsy and also had wands and crowns they could decorate with stickers. I didn’t think through the tutu party favor fully because of course, when the girls heard it was a princess party, they wanted to show up in their own princess outfits!

Since there were boys also coming, I brainstormed what I could do to keep them busy. I decided a bounce house would be a good idea and ordered a princess castle one from Fun Times Party Rental. I panicked for weeks that it wouldn’t fit in our backyard but it did! They set it up around noon and Louise was so excited, she jumped in it for about an hour and a half before anyone showed up. I joked that I could have just ordered a bounce house and nothing else (no guests or anything) and she would have had a perfect party.

I also ordered shields and swords for the boys, and last-minute realized they would probably want to decorate theirs, too. So I took a Friday evening trip to Michaels to find dragon and dinosaur stickers.

Since the party was in the early afternoon I didn’t have a ton of food, just snacks. I also decided on beer and wine for the parents, because…you know, why not?

We were ready!

Louise was so excited to greet her guests and give them their tutus, show them the room to decorate their wands/crowns/shields, and of course show them the bounce house. She was so hyped up she even opened Celine’s door to show them her little sister…who was sleeping. Celine was a good sport about getting her nap cut short!

Most of the kids beelined for the bounce house. I was so happy the weather cooperated! We have only opened up our french doors to our back patio once before, but it worked out and definitely helped things feel more spread out.

Then Cinderella showed up and the party really kicked into high gear. I thought it was really cute that she waited for Louise to come to the door (she was already being mobbed by kids) and introduced herself and asked to come in. She immediately set up and started painting faces, which was definitely a hit for the girls and the boys. It was nice having the craft area in our den, Cinderella painting faces in our living room, kids outside in the bounce house, and food in the dining room. Mike and I were really worried about how we were going to manage a house full of 35+ people but it was perfect!

Then Cinderella played some games, including learning how to be a princess by waving and walking with a pillow on her head. Louise was taking it all VERY seriously, lol!

Cinderella then led everyone in singing Happy Birthday and crowned princess Louise. It was cake time! Louise asked to switch to an Elsa party the Monday before her party and I was like…that ship has sailed. She thought about it and asked if she could keep a Cinderella party but have an Elsa cake. That I could do.

Nat noticed the next morning looking through her pictures that they stuck the dot of the i in the wrong place…happy birthday Loiuse 😉DSC_0331DSC_0339IMG_1843

After cake (it was actually a pretty good cake considering it was from Wal-Mart), we did the pinata! I got a pull pinata because I wasn’t jazzed about having four year olds swinging bats around. It was really cute…the kids were offering their loot to Cinderella. Anything to win her favor 🙂

Then Cinderella had to go back to her castle. Bye, Cinderella!

Our friends the Atchies came over early to help finish setting up and because Amelie (like Louise) does better when she can warm up to the situation, versus being thrown in with a bunch of kids at the same time. They stayed after as well and wound down, eating dinner and dancing around in their princess clothes.

And then all of a sudden, it was 7:30. The girls both passed out in record time and I also passed out on the couch at 8:45pm. Success!

Louise has of course been playing with her new loot all morning. Wouldn’t even let me wash her new princess pajamas from Paneez before wearing them. Celine is also enjoying the influx of crowns in the household.

I should have tried to get a pic of all the kids, but I doubt even half of them were in the same place at the same time. I was so happy all of Louise’s (and my) friends could come and that we actually pulled off an at-home kid’s birthday party! We haven’t moved our couch back yet because the girls are LOVING the open living room space.


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