Louise’s 4th birthday: Flower “4”

The final piece to Louise’s mantel decor was a big number 4. I realized I couldn’t “paint-and-glitter” like her name because I created the 4 out of cardboard, and it wasn’t as smooth as the other letters. In other words, it would be obvious it was a hack job. So, I did more Pinteresting and decided to go back to Old Faithful, aka tissue paper flowers.

I did a ton of tissue paper pomanders about five years ago for my wedding and various bridal and baby showers. They are fairly time consuming but they always look great, and Louise did specifically request flowers for this birthday. I decided to jazz them up with gold glitter to tie them in to the glitter letters, but was stumped on how to do that without making a big ol’ mess. Then I stumbled across some glitter glue pens I purchased a few weeks back and realized those would probably be the best way to go.

First things first…I had to create the number 4. I cut out cardboard from a diaper box and taped it together with masking tape. I then panicked and realized that it wouldn’t stay up on its own, but Mike suggested just taping it down on the side and I felt better about it.
4 1

Then I cut and folded all of the tissue paper and fluffed them into flowers. Once they were all fluffed, I applied the glitter glue pen to the edges. It wasn’t super uniform in look but I actually kind of like that better.

4 3

Then, I covered the 4 with tissue paper to mask the tape and cardboard, so it wouldn’t peep out under the flowers.

Finally I hot glued the flowers to the 4! I realized decorating only the front of the 4 would probably be the best way to go…plus I didn’t feel like making enough flowers to cover it all. Especially since I went through the whole thing and then discovered I was about 12 flowers short of finishing. So I had to cut more squares, fold them up and tie them, and fluff them.

I think the 4 turned out great and the overall look is definitely “princessy,” which was Louise’s #1 request for this party.


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