Louise’s 4th birthday: Glitter letters

I had been feeling a little guilty because I crafted so much for Celine’s birthday but wasn’t doing anything for Louise. Granted, her birthday already had a bunch of stuff – I had the tutus and swords for the kids, Cinderella and the bounce house were already booked, etc. – but I still wanted to put a few crafty touches on the whole thing. I decided on some glitter letters to spice things up on the mantel.

I did some research on Pinterest to finalize what I wanted to do, and bought the standard paper mache letters along with light blue paint and extra-fine light blue glitter at JoAnns. The first thing I did was paint the letters with blue so no brown would show up under the glitter. Louise was more than happy to help with this step.
Glitter letters 1Glitter letters 2
Glitter letters 3

The first coat was a little spotty, so I went over it again. The pics are awful because it was dark outside but you get the idea.
Glitter letters 4

Then I spread Tacky Glue over the letters and sprinkled glitter on top. Of course glitter got everywhere, and I honed my technique as I was working so the “L” and “O” aren’t quite as beautiful as the rest of the letters, but it worked and they looked exactly as I had imagined. I was pumped! (So was Louise of course)
Glitter letters 5Glitter letters 6

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