Louise: 4 years old

Well well well…look where we are.

This girl…is a girl. She is such a sweet girl, too. She’s obviously a kid and still can be tough to deal with, but she is constantly checking herself to ensure she’s doing the right thing and asks us all the time if we’re “happy with her.” It’s a serious struggle for her to share with Celine and not be possessive of her stuff (especially after all of the toys she received for her birthday), but she does a great job of it.

She loves to color and paint, she loves her circus class at school, she’s memorized basically every song she’s ever heard of and loves to sing, she loves to read, and her new thing is she loves puzzles. I love puzzles too because they keep her busy for quite a while!

Louise is constantly surprising me with her skill level, and although I miss her being a baby/toddler, I am really, really loving her being a kid. I love that she is making friends at school while still maintaining relationships with her best friends (Sawyer and Amelie), I love that she is a sensitive girl who has emotions but can work through them and move forward, and I love that she is enthusiastic about things and still has that excitement about her.

Happy 4th birthday, Louise Miriam! I hope this year is even better than your last!


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