Celine: 2.2

Yes, I put both girls in the same outfit this month.

I am trying really hard to get a video of her reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar, because she knows all the words and it’s objectively the cutest thing in existence.

Her new thing is climbing. She climbs up on everything! This past week she was climbing up on the couch and fell off the back, smacking her head on the ground and getting a major goose egg right in the middle of her forehead. Michael and I panicked and called his dad to see if we should go to the emergency room, but he said it was fine as long as she was acting normal and didn’t fall unconscious. Sure enough, ten minutes later she was trying to climb right back up on the couch.

Her hair is finally getting some length, but it’s wispy and has a preferred direction, so it is kind of hard to keep it in any hairstyle for a length of time. Usually we do mid-head pigtails with a clip in the front for her bangs.

Looking forward to summer and all of our excursions!


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