May days

We’ve been doing a lot this month but not anything specific…which is nice. Just hanging out.

Louise grinning maniacally at dad while he grills
5.23.16 Louise 6

Sporting her new shirt and purse from her friends5.23.16  Louise 2

Playing together on our play center…
5.23.16 Celine 1

…and Louise knocking Celine out of the way to climb up with all of her accessories5.23.16 Louise 1

Caught me trying to take a candid photo on her birthday5.23.16 Louise 3

Modeling the Mickey Mouse ring she received from Kathy for her birthday5.23.16 Louise 4

Fun day with Grandma includes ice cream after school5.23.16 Louise 5

I love that my girls are into accessories.5.23.16 Celine 2

Celine will not be deterred by the fact that she does not have a princess sleeping bag. She will take the drawstring bag and use it as a blanket.5.23.16 Celine 3

No pictures, please. (A little dazed after Sawyer’s birthday party)5.23.16 Celine 4

We’re entering ponytail territory with Celine’s hair!!5.23.16 Celine 5

Girlsinabin.5.23.16 Celine 6


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