Memorial Day weekend at Lost Pines

Michael and I have been thinking about a weekend at the Hyatt Lost Pines resort outside of Austin for a while now, but hadn’t actually pulled the trigger on it. Luckily our minds are on the same wavelength as Mike’s mom, because she called a few weeks before Memorial Day and asked if we wanted to join them there for the long weekend. We said OF COURSE! My parents jumped on the bandwagon and we had a wonderful weekend at the resort.

Michael and I packed lots of activities and snacks to keep the girls occupied on the trip down, and luckily they were fairly content the whole time. Celine started whining right when we turned into the resort (the road is about 2 miles, so it took another 10 minutes to actually get to the entrance), so we played Vole Papillon about 25 times to keep them busy. Michael bought a portable Bose speaker about six months ago and it’s the best thing. We use it all the time at home, and we brought it on the trip to use in the car and in our hotel room.

Since we arrived around 12:30, Celine needed to take her nap. We had a crib and a rollaway bed in our room so we threw her in the crib and Grammy hung in the next room while we dressed Louise in her swimsuit, sprayed her generously with sunscreen, and headed to the pool. She had fun on the lazy river, the kiddie pool, and the splash pad.

When Celine woke up she joined us at the splash pad and kiddie pool. All in all, we spent the majority of Saturday in the water. We had a barbecue dinner outside, and then went back to the room to bathe the girls and get them in bed.

The lesson we learned over the weekend is that the girls don’t sleep when they’re in the same room! Louise kept getting out of bed and going over to Celine’s crib to play. At 9:45 we pulled Louise into Grammy and Grumps’ room and waited for Celine to go to sleep. Once separated, Louise passed out as well, so we delivered her back to the room and we all fell asleep around 10:30.

The next day we woke up and Michael and his dad headed out for a day of golf. The ladies got dressed and headed to our pony rides! We found the barn cats and had some quality time while we waited for our turn.

I thought Celine would be into it and Louise would be scared, but the opposite happened. Celine put on a brave face, but once the pony started walking she was over it. Louise on the other hand was SO excited, and although she was a little nervous once they started going, she did such a good job and was very proud of herself. So was I!

Once the pony rides were done, we took a couple of strolls through the Hummingbird Trail and Butterfly Garden and then donned our bathing suits for more pool time.

After pool time was lunch. The girls entertained themselves by dancing with their Anna and Elsa towels and looking at their reflections in the window. I went inside to use the restroom and noticed that everyone at the inside tables were laughing at the recital they were viewing. 🙂

After Celine’s nap, Michael and Grumps were back from golf. We all suited up and headed back out to the water. We spent most of the time on the lazy river which the girls were loving.

That night we ate at one of the restaurants with the whole crew, including Rusty and Jess. It was good to see them! We hung outside afterward for a bit, letting the girls run around and play on the playground while we sipped drinks and chatted. We thought the girls would pass right out from all of the activity, but again…late night for Louise and Celine.

The next day we left, but not before another delicious breakfast and some bounce house action. I was impressed with the indoor activities Lost Pines had set up in case of rainy days!

Finally, it was time to go. My crew passed out on me on the ride home.

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