Hair, again

Last year I kept cutting my hair shorter and shorter and kept the dark blonde highlights (versus going lighter blonde). This year I was starting to get pretty antsy about changing something up. I’ve been seeing some great red colors and decided to go red.

The first couple of iterations were a bit darker red, which definitely looked natural. I received about four comments from strangers saying how lucky I was to have this hair color…to which I smiled and said “I’ll tell my hairdresser!” I even had a coworker I had never spoken to come by my desk and tell me that “the red was a good idea.” Well shoot…if I would have known I would get so many compliments I would have done it earlier!

With summer rolling around, I decided to go a little lighter. My initial vision was for more of a strawberry blonde color. I also wanted to cut a bit more off the length. My ideal hairstyle was a sassy, easygoing light red short haircut that made me look put together but still had an air of ease about it. Impossible to achieve? Maybe.

When I went to my hairdresser, we ended up having a long consultation and deciding on coloring my hair lighter red the first evening and then coming back the next day for golden blonde balayage highlights. I also decided to chop about four inches off for a sassy new ‘do. Day one:

My hairdresser kept talking about “hot roots” (when your roots are lighter than the rest of your hair,” which I definitely had after leaving the first day. That’s because we weren’t done.

The next day was balayage highlights and a toner.


I really like it! Although I still have HOT ROOTS (not really, just bright roots), I think in a week or two its going to be just perfect. I’m also now a balayage convert.


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