After ten years, I decided to take another job and leave The Richards Group.

It’s a majorly bittersweet time because I love the people I work with, especially my boss, but an opportunity came up that fits perfectly with my career path and I had to take it. I’ve been an emotional wreck all week and today is no exception.

It’s also Louise’s last week of school! As if I needed more to be weepy about.

First day/last day:
6.9.16 First day last day

Some sweet excerpts from her report card:
French teacher: “Louise is a determined student who works carefully and always wants to do well. ¬†Socially, she surrounds herself with caring friends and has always been nice, respectful, and engaging.”
English teacher: “She is a good listener and critical thinker. Louise has a gift for making friends and treating classmates with kindness. Her work ethic and kind demeanor make her a role model in our classroom.”

Some pics from her end of year party:
6.9.16 Party Lily6.9.16 PArty 16.9.16 Party 26.9.16 Party 36.9.16 Party family

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