Celine: 2.3

Well…someone has taken up the “terrible two” mantle from her sister. In between her bouts of being absolutely, incredibly adorable, she’s quite the handful! Her MO is shouts of “NO!” and throwing things.  Suuuuper fun.

She is a talker! She talk talk talk talk talks all day long. Mike says she is just narrating everything around her, and she is trying to grow her vocabulary so she asks “what is that?” or “who is that?” for everything she doesn’t know. It makes a trip to the grocery store quite the experience!

She also is very friendly to everyone, particularly at her day care. She will stop and say hello or goodbye to each person as she gallops down the hallway.

She’s into jumping on beds (sometimes she and Louise will sneak off into Louise’s room and jump on her bed for about an hour), she loves jumping in general, and she likes climbing things. She’ll say “Imma climb up” and then give us a look since we usually tell her she can’t. She can get in the car and into her car seat by herself now which she’s very proud of.

I’ve been trying to teach both girls how to share, and one way I do it is by bringing only one cup of water into the car on the way to their schools, so they have to pass it back and forth. Every time Celine would give it to Louise I would say “that’s so nice!” so now any time she does anything resembling sharing, she turns to me and shrieks “SO NICE!”

Still a fan of Rapunzel (Tangled) and Frozen, and we’ve added Aladdin to the list. She was never as into Cinderella as Louise but she’ll watch it. Beyond that, TV does not interest her. She will listen to nursery songs on the iPad or Mike’s computer for as long as we let her. Whereas Louise tends to be a passive watcher of screens, Celine is very interactive. If they say to clap, she claps. She lip-syncs or fully belts out songs, and of course, she dances. Her number one favorite activity.


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