About a month ago, my mom emailed my brother’s girlfriend and I asking when we were available in June for a ladies’ day. We found a Saturday we were all available and she then let us know that she signed us up for a LLAMA WALK. I did not know those existed but was very intrigued!

The place we were going was very close to my parent’s house, so we met there and headed over. I was imagining we would each get a llama but we ended up rotating among the six they had.The guide was very nice and gave us a lot of information about llamas (Mike called them “llama facts”). The main one I remembered was that llamas are pregnant for a year, and male llamas basically impregnate female llamas every chance they get, and llamas get pregnant basically every attempt because they spontaneously ovulate. Being a lady llama seems pretty stressful to me!

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.


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