Louise 4.2

Louise’s vocabulary continues to develop every day, along with her ability to understand longer timelines. Her French is developing also and it’s great to hear!

She pretty much knows now when she’s doing something good or bad, so when we try to talk to her about what she’s doing if it’s not great, she just yells “NO!” and gets upset. She tends to overreact sometimes as well…particularly when Celine is involved. For example, if she sees that Celine is holding something of hers, she’ll race over to try to rip it out of her hands. I’ll reprimand her for doing that (reallllly trying to work on not snatching things) and she’ll get upset with me. Right now everything is black and white with her and it’s tough to introduce shades of gray.

Another funny example is, one day last week she came into our room in the morning and told us we needed to go to the doughnut store and buy doughnuts. We said, um, no…doughnuts are for special occasions like birthdays. She got upset but we moved on. Today on the ride home from school, she said “remember how we didn’t get doughnuts? I WANT THEM!” and started getting upset again.

The girls are starting to want to be included in each other’s monthly photos. It’s mostly helpful!


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