New Orleans and Pensacola

Michael’s friend from high school was getting married the last weekend in June, and we thought it would be a good reason to schedule a New Orleans visit. After chatting with his mom, we tacked on a beach trip as well to Pensacola. We had a fun time!

We headed out to New Orleans on a Wednesday, ate a quick lunch and unpacked some stuff at Grammy and Grumps’ house, and then hopped in the car and drove to Pensacola!

We’re getting pretty good at flying now, although we can’t all fit on one row so we have to double up. It might actually be better since the girls don’t get quite as distracted with each other.

Celine working on her Wheels on the Bus hand motions.

Hey girl.IMG_2675

A strong dose of affection while we wait to exit the plane.IMG_2676

..and we’re off! We timed it during nap time so hopefully the girls would fall asleep. Luckily they did for part of the trip.IMG_2678

We didn’t take many pictures at the beach and pool mainly because we weren’t bringing our cell phones, but the girls had a wonderful time!


Just hanging out, terrified of Mickey. NBD.

7.8.16 Beach 1
7.8.16 Beach 2


We DID take a lot of photos in the condo, where the girls also had a fun time. Especially when their cousin Juliette showed up! Celine calls her “baby cousin.”

7.8.16 Beach 3

Commence photos with Juliette:

Louise and Celine were SO HAPPY when Juliette showed up. They couldn’t stop grinning. Louise wanted to give Juliette nonstop hugs, and Celine started crawling around on the ground like Juliette.IMG_2773IMG_2701

PJ party.IMG_2775IMG_2710IMG_2833IMG_2758

This picture just cracks me up. There are always adults lurking right behind the camera in case things go awry…

Louise had us all play a game where we raced back and forth on the patio. Girls first, then boys. Michael asked her if she was going to race with them and she said “no, I stand here and give you high fives when you come back.” Fair enough.

Snuggle time in mom and dad’s bed one morning.

After a few days at the beach, it was time to head back to New Orleans. The girls seemed right at home the moment we walked into Grammy and Grumps’ house, which I love!

Mike and I headed to the wedding. We took a few pics and of course a few Snapchats since we’re experts now.

The next day we played around the house and went out for some lunch!
7.8.16 Beach 4IMG_2855

Then it was time to pack up and head home. It was a fun trip and we were so happy to see everyone!


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