Celine 2.4

Full sentences, lots of talking, and demanding we repeat what she says so she can confirm with a “yeah.” Celine is a talker!

She also asks “What is that?” about everything and everyone. Taking her to the grocery store can be quite exhausting. Once you tell her she repeats it so it stays with her. She’s definitely in the learning phase.

She is potty trained…that is, except for the potty part. She has perfected each step: take pants and diaper off, get on potty, wipe, flush, wash hands. The one missing piece is the part where she actually goes potty. Minor detail!

She is still very into The Little Mermaid and Aladdin, and gets confused a bit that Eric (the prince in TLM) is not Aladdin. She also still likes Tangled but basically only sticks around for the songs.

She is more of a physically rambunctious toddler than Louise was, and a week doesn’t go by without a phone call from day care informing us of a new booboo. I think she’s also a little bit klutzier too…I’ve seen her fall over from just standing! She also doesn’t pay attention to where she’s going and just wanders with her head in the clouds. This sometimes leads to bumps into walls or doors.

She’s started negotiating around bedtime. She wants 5 more minutes. She wants to read another book. She wants to snuggle with mommy…now she wants to snuggle with daddy. Seeing her little grin when we indulge her is so cute – I love letting her think she’s getting away with something, especially when it means I get a few more minutes of snuggle time!


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