Massachusetts, part II: Scituate

After our brief stint in Boston, we headed out to the coast. My parents found a beach house to rent in a town called Scituate, which is pronounced “sitch-ew-it.” It’s not in Cape Cod technically but it is such an adorable New England beach town, and from the feel of it, isn’t a major tourist destination. It seemed like everyone knew everybody else.

I FORGOT TO MENTION in the Boston post that Michael pulled his back literally as we were getting in our car to go to the airport, and he also developed an ear infection on the flight to Boston. So he was feeling pretty miserable for most of the trip and I was also stressed out considering I was down one able parent!

We got to the house early Sunday afternoon and unloaded, then started hanging out with cousin Elliot. We walked to the lighthouse, did some coloring, and roughhoused a bit.

Monday we attempted to fill the day with activities for the kids. First we jumped on the bed.

Then we had some beach time.

Celine would run back and forth on the deck and then stop and say she was going to stretch. She’d then pull out pretty sweet stretching moves.

That night Michael made gumbo and we hung out with everyone. The next day, Tuesday, was another one full of kid-friendly activities.

Like painting.

And playgrounding.

And dairy farming.

We got dressed for dinner and tried to take a family photo in front of the beautiful background.

I had to get a pic of the redheads!

Then we gathered everyone – Taylor and Hillary were there now, as were the Grandparents Fausak – and had a delicious dinner at what is allegedly the oldest restaurant in North America, Barker Tavern. It had beautiful landscaping in the front so we tried to get pics with the kids…Celine is never super interested in pictures.

Celine had a very interesting way of eating her linguine that consisted of stretching it out across her face, chomping down on the middle, and then folding it in and stuffing it in her mouth.

Wednesday we did some beach things and also spent the afternoon in Providence at Liz and Katie’s house. I was glad to finally see where they lived!

We had a good night hanging with the siblings but it made for a rough morning!

Thursday was our last day in Scituate. Our flight wasn’t until 6pm so we had a nice, full morning at the beach. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it was nice and warm.

Then we packed up, drove back to Boston, and headed home. Katie bought Celine a penguin because Celine was quite obsessed with Elliot’s panda bear, and just like that, a love affair was born.


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