Louise 4.3

This summer has been a lot of juggling of schedules because Louise isn’t in school. I finally saw a little bit of a difference with her while we were in Massachusetts in terms of her attitude – she’s been a little sassier and definitely is having problems listening and doing what we say. I honestly chalk that up mostly to the lack of structure…and also that she’s getting older and a little harder to “control.” We can still distract Celine and essentially trick her into doing things, but Louise is a smart cookie and wants to assert herself. I think it’s ok, but she also has to come to terms with the consequences!

She’s basically in all size 5 stuff mainly because of her height. She more or less dresses herself every day now and always picks out dresses to wear. If I get in there before she wakes up I can pick out a t-shirt and shorts, but honestly I’m just glad her dresses are being worn before she grows out of them. She currently has two favorite dresses: The snoball dress, and a stars and stripes dress I bought for the girls at Target for the Fourth of July. I think she likes them both because Celine has them too, so they can match. With that in mind, both of the dresses I bought for her during the Tea Collection sale I bought for Celine too! I’m not opposed to matching girls at all!

She’s been doing so well with the inconsistencies of summer. We’ve had her in two different camps, in New Orleans by herself, etc. and she’s adjusting very well to all of the changes. I have a feeling though that she’ll be very happy to get back into the school schedule and see all of her friends!

She and Celine are playing together even more, although Louise can be a little rough with her and definitely tries to bully Celine into doing what she wants. Every time I see Celine holding something and I see Louise look over, I immediately know Louise is going to run over and snatch it.

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