Celine: 2.5

Celine is all about dresses now. I try to dress her in t-shirts and cotton shorts for day care, but recently she’s been asking for a “pretty dress” every morning. Sometimes I can convince her that a shirt is a dress and that it’s just short and needs some pants under it, but usually she specifically requests her “ice cream dress” or a pink dress. My girls have both become so girly!DSC_0381

Celine is in a real mommy phase right now. At first I thought it was annoying since she is ALWAYS asking for me and crawling all over me, but at lunch the other day, Michael said “see, being the favorite is not all bad.” He’s a bit jealous of all the attention I get! He’s right though. She’s such a cutie and it’s fun to have her around for snuggles.DSC_0376

She is getting older and now able to defend herself a little better against Louise. Unfortunately that means they end up taking turns hitting each other until either Michael or I gets eyes on them and then they both play victim.DSC_0372


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