Mozzarella making

I was doing research a couple of weeks ago on something Michael and I could do for our anniversary (it’s in two months but, you know…I’m a planner), and I came across an article that had “8 fun dates to do in Dallas.” I realized we could branch out a bit in our husband-and-wife time and maybe do some unique things. The first one that stuck out to me was mozzarella making! I mentioned it to Michael and he immediately started making jokes about “a-makin’ the mozzarell,” so I figured he was on board. I reserved a time and off we went today to Deep Ellum to make some mozzarella.

It started off with an introduction from the woman who started Mozzarella Company, Paula, along with a tour and some fun facts about cheese.

We started out by making ricotta, which is basically milk and lemon juice. Mike was one of the burly, strong men recruited to help carry the milk.

We juiced some lemons and poured it into the boiling milk, and…voila, ricotta!

We scooped the ricotta out and had a taste.

Then it was mozzarella making time!

We ended the experience with a cheese tasting of the other wines they make, with wine. We also got to leave with the mozzarella, ricotta, and two other cheeses we made.  All in all it was a really fun and different experience!


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