Summer = crazy

This summer turned out to be quite the busy little thing for Michael and me! It all started with us both getting new jobs, which definitely added stress, mainly because we had new schedules to figure out and work trips to take. We also had two family trips planned, one with the Haydels and one with the Fausaks. Finally, we had to coordinate Louise’s schedule for when her school’s summer camp was not open. Overall it’s been pretty exhausting!

The first four weeks of summer (except for our trip to New Orleans and Pensacola), Louise was in summer camp at DIS. She enjoyed it and recognized many teachers and friends.

For the last month before school started again, we pieced together a schedule for Louise. One week she went to New Orleans to stay with Grammy and Grumps, one week we were in Massachusetts with my family, one week she took a ballet camp (Frozen themed of course), and one week my mom watched her. It was an undertaking for everyone and we are so thankful that we have such a strong support system around us.

In New Orleans she took a tennis camp and came back very proud of her skills. We had a tennis ball and beach racket while in Scituate and she frequently asked us to throw the ball so she could hit it. I have to admit…her stance and hand placement were pretty good!

Louise definitely enjoyed being at the beach in Massachusetts with everyone, particularly cousin Elliot. They spent the majority of the time together, with Celine tagging along as the third wheel.

Then it was time for the Frozen-themed ballet camp! I was worried Louise would rebel because it was a new and unknown thing, but she was such a champ. I think the leotards I bought for her helped!

Finally, she spent a week under the watchful eye of Grandma. She spent the night at my parent’s house on Monday AND Thursday night, so it was really a nice little breather for Michael and me (and Celine)!

It was a crazy fun summer but we’re happy to get back to a regular schedule!


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