First day of school

Here we go…summer is over and we had our first day of school! Louise is in Moyenne Section (MS), and Celine is in Toute Petite Section (TPS). They are the equivalent of Pre-K and Two’s. Of course we had to get a few cute photos before we headed off to school.

I didn’t really nab any photos at school, mainly because Celine got a little upset when I left. They took a picture of Louise though!

I picked Celine up around 3:20, but Louise had Circus class (with three of her classmates from last year) until 5pm. So Celine and I went to the grocery store and ate some ice cream. She requested vanilla.

Celine’s teachers said she did well and did not cry, although she did not take a nap. We knew Louise would be ok but she got in the car and started chattering away, telling me all of the friends she saw during class, recess, and circus. She knows her French teacher from summer camp as well so I think she’s already set. I’m so excited to have both girls at the same school this year!


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