Labor Day at Lost Pines

Approximately six seconds into my new job at in June, I learned that we get discounts on hotels. Approximately two seconds after that, I was searching for the Lost Pines in our system to see if we got a decent discount. After learning that we did, Michael and I invited Sawyer’s family, along with the Tantinarawats and McDonoughs, to join us at Lost Pines for Labor Day.

We finished up work a little early on Friday, picked the girls up, and headed down. We definitely hit some traffic and the whole trip took about 4.5 hours, but around 8pm we finally pulled in to the resort.

We saw Sawyer as we were checking in and Louise was ecstatic!

They didn’t have any cribs which was a bummer, so we ended up with two rollaways in our room. Each night pretty much looked like this as we tried to get the girls to go to sleep (and why daytime naps were so imperative):

I had grand ideas of what we could do once we put the kids down, but our camera ended up not working (after lots of phone calls to the front desk…whoops), so Mike stayed in the room while I had a nightcap with the ladies. Well…the ladies and a 23 year old dude who had to endure our mom talk!

The next day we headed out for pool time. We started with a few laps around the lazy river and then hit up the pools.

We then headed inside for nap time. Whenever Sawyer and Louise would be in a hallway together, they would just bolt. We had to run down multiple hallways to get them more than once.

Nap time turned into a 4 hour affair…all of us ended up napping. We needed it!

We woke up and took showers before heading to Michele’s room around 5pm to celebrate Grayson’s birthday.

Then we went to dinner…all 24 of us. 12 adults and 12 kids! Things got a little crazy but luckily it wasn’t too busy.

After dinner we headed outside to play on the playground and then set up for the movie, Inside Out. Sawyer’s mom Tiffany brought glow bracelets and necklaces and we had some popcorn (and adult beverages of course). We made it through about half of the movie before we headed upstairs to sleep.

This is what parents do when your kids are asleep and you don’t have a working camera…lol. It was fun until we were yelled at by another guest!

The next day was also chock full of activities. I took Louise and Sawyer to see the horses and alpaca, stopping at the bounce house and Hummingbird Trail along the way. I was impressed at how interested the two were in the bumblebees, dragonflies, and butterflies we spotted.

Louise and Sawyer were so cute with each other the whole weekend. If Sawyer got upset because Louise was walking too fast, Louise would return and give Sawyer a hug. If Louise asked to hold hands, Sawyer would grab hers. It was just too cute.

We rounded out the morning at the pool!

Celine took another marathon nap, but Louise wasn’t as interested, so we wandered around and ate a push-up pop until Celine woke up. Then we headed to some indoor bounce house action before dinner.

Nat had the great idea to make shirts for the kids! Everyone donned theirs the last night, and although we were all doing our own thing for the most part, we got together to get a group kid pic. Then we finished watching the UT-ND football game in our room and went to sleep!

Sawyer and Louise had a good time…and the rest of us did too. 🙂


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