Celine: 2.6

Height: 36.5 inches (75th percentile)
Weight: 27 pounds (30th percentile)

She’s transitioned from answering with “yeah” to saying “yes” about everything, which is super cute because she’s very definitive in her delivery and stresses the “s” a bit. “Celine, are you excited about school today?” “Yess.”

I was filling out her 2.5 year development survey and she is definitely above and beyond with language, which her pediatrician also pointed out. She is speaking in full sentences with 7-8 words and can articulate feelings and desires shockingly well. I think it pays to be the second kid!

She has made a friend at school…Colin. She also likes Mia, who is Louise’s friend Nico’s younger sister. She seems to be thriving in her new school environment which makes me really happy.  She comes home singing songs, talking about her friends and teachers, and telling me the things she did during the day (“I didn’t cry and I played with my friends and I went up the steps”). Yesterday she gave me a very detailed summary of the sea creatures she learned about, including what whales say.


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