Doctor visits

Now that I have real-person insurance that actually covers the girls’ checkups, I loaded both Celine’s 2.5 year (apparently that’s now a thing) and Louise’s 4 year (only 4 months late!) checkups into one week.

Somehow, through no manipulation of my own, my girls both recently decided they LOVE going to the doctor for a checkup. They chattered about it nonstop the whole week of the checkups, and once Louise even had a meltdown in the car because she thought we were driving there when we were going to school.

Once we arrived, the girls bounced around the room in excitement. Celine fell off of a rolling chair; they “hid” under the examination table. Fun stuff.

Celine’s checkup went swimmingly and Celine was on a mission to be the perfect patient.

As Dr. Yaeger was chatting with me, I mentioned that Louise had not yet had her four-year vaccinations – mainly due to laziness but also the knowledge that insurance would now cover it versus having to go to the health clinic. He said that they could give them to her right then, along with flu shots for both girls. I told Louise she was going to get two shots in each leg and she seemed pretty ambivalent, so I was optimistic.

Louise ambivalence shifted to anger right about when both needles went in her leg and I was holding down her body and arms. Celine, on the other hand…I couldn’t tell you if she even noticed that she received her flu shot. She was mainly annoyed at being pinned down.

Louise tried to milk her injustice but quickly recovered when the nurse provided crowns and bracelets. Coupled with the stickers at checkout, both Haydel girls made a blazing recovery from the Great Betrayal of 2016.


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