Fall goals

Now that things have settled down a bit with the new jobs and the girls in school, I’ve started thinking about what I want to accomplish before the end of the year.

  1. Exercise
    1. My sister and I ran a half marathon in 2007 and it really helped us both get in shape. In fact, I can’t remember a time I was more proud of my body than when I ran that half marathon. We’ve been throwing around the idea of running another one, even though we’re significantly older and have significantly more post-baby weight on us. We found one in Dallas in January that might be the perfect fit so I think we’re going to go for it. If I could get in half the shape I was the last time I will consider it a success!
    2. I’ve started running in the morning, which I love except for the fact that it’s in the morning. I am NOT a morning person, but being able to run when it’s not 100 degrees outside and getting it over with before the day starts are two major benefits. I know I’ll move to evenings the second it cools down, mainly because I love running with the girl(s) in the jogging stroller.
  2. Diet
    1. Michael and I have both not been doing a great job with our diet, particularly when it comes to alcohol. We decided to cut back on alcohol intake; specifically, not drink during the week unless there is a specific event. It’s helped us feel better every morning and reduce our daily caloric intake.
    2. I also have been monitoring what I eat which has helped. I am on semi-permanent birth control called Nexplanon which makes most women gain weight, and I’ve definitely seen the scale creep up. I’m adjusting my diet to hopefully counteract this. I also might be removing the Nexplanon soon…#spoileralert #butwhatamIspoiling #morekidsornomorekids?
  3. Travel
    1. Now that I’m with Hotels.com, my travel bug has increased dramatically. The company encourages travel (of course), and there are some serious travel perks. We’ve managed to fit in two trips to the Lost Pines resort this summer, along with Pensacola and Massachusetts vacations with family. Ideally we’d hit up New Orleans again (we’ve been for Juliette’s baptism, Mardi Gras, and a summer wedding so far) before our Christmas trip, but there’s also an event in Austin in early November I’ve been playing around with attending.
  4. Read
    1. One of the benefits of traveling more for work is that I get to read SO MUCH MORE. It’s kind of amazing, actually. I am so excited to finally get caught up on some reading…I’ve already added eight or so books to my Goodreads account.
    2. I’m stuck on Wolf Hall currently because it’s interesting but not a page-turner, and it’s over 600 pages long. I’ve made it over the halfway hump though so hopefully I’ll finish it soon because I want to get started on The Nightingale!
  5. Personal time
    1. It’s been kind of crazy lately, however, Mike and I have done a really good job of making sure we each have personal time (either alone or with adults) so we don’t go crazy with the kids. He and I both can tell, especially with me, when we feel overwhelmed or when we don’t have enough time to recharge.
  6. Documenting
    1. This blog is mainly a journal for me to remember things, versus something I post for others to see (except family members). So much is happening with my girls right now, but I need to do a better job of documenting, because it goes by so fast (cliche alert!).
    2. I put together a photo book for each calendar year, along with a separate photo book for each year of Louise and Celine’s lives. I always procrastinate and then am overwhelmed with the amount of work I have to do to complete the books at the beginning of the year. I haven’t started my 2016 book yet, and though typically I try to complete one month of their lives each month, I haven’t started either of the girls’ “Year 5” and “Year 3” books, even though they’re both almost halfway through their years. I would really like to put a big dent in the 2016 book and get a few months knocked out of each girls’ books in the next month before the holidays hit.

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