Louise’s big girl room update

There were a couple of things I have been wanting to update/adjust in Louise’s room, and finally did them. So here we are!

First, I framed the Britt Bass prints. At first I ordered frames I thought held 8×10’s matted, but they were really 8×10 frames that held 5×7 matted images. I was bummed and did not like the way the prints looked without matting, so I finally sucked it up and re-ordered frames that were 11×14 with 8×10 matting. I think it was worth it!

I also transformed her book nook into a dress-up corner. We moved the book nook to Celine’s room and put the dress-up rotating stand Grandma and Papa got her for Christmas in that corner, and used the bar I had a quilt hanging from to hang her favorite princess dresses. Since she has a bookcase on the other side of her room, removing the book nook didn’t reduce her reading!

Finally, I put a pinboard above her dresser. There wasn’t really anything going on there and I’d been just throwing her school stuff in a drawer in the living room, so I thought it would be nice to highlight a few things she’s been working on.

Her room is aaaaalmost done. I have just a few things I’d like to add before moving on to putting together Celine’s big girl room:

  • Put box springs under her mattress. I left that part out intentionally to keep the bed low to the ground, but now that she’s comfortable with the setup I’m going to prop it up a bit.
  • Move our mirrored nightstands to her room. They have turquoise knobs and go with the overall vibe of her room.
  • Get a couple of sheepskin rugs for the sides of her bed.

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