Pumpkin pics with a side of meltdown

Along with the rest of Dallas, we decided to hit up the pumpkins at the Arboretum this past Saturday morning. The weather was pretty nice and we thought the girls would like it. Originally the Thurmans were going to join but they got it with a stomach bug the night before and had to bail.

I’m kind of glad they didn’t join because it was a doomed trip from the start. Celine had a couple of meltdowns before we even got there; first because she did not want to wear the outfit I picked out (luckily the dress she chose, while insanely short, was still thematically appropriate), and second for some reason I can’t even remember, but it was in the car. Louise also got upset because she wanted to wear her purple Native shoes instead of her black and gold booties. It was a pick-your-battles moment so we went with the purple shoes.

We made it inside the Arboretum with minimal crying, although Louise was upset she couldn’t bring her scooter in. We rolled them in our wagon to the pumpkins and they happily started roaming around. I tried to snap some photos but they weren’t really interested in posing.


After about 10 minutes of pumpkin-ing, the girls decided they were hungry. We are veteran parents so of course we brought snacks. Mike handed Louise apple slices and Celine crackers…and this is where things really went downhill. Celine was unwilling to share the crackers, and that sent Louise into a tailspin. After trying to troubleshoot, Mike and I looked at each other and realized it was an unsalvageable situation. We started walking toward the exit…which further distressed Louise, and she started wailing “I don’t want to leave!!” We somehow managed to get them both in the car and started our trip home. Louise continued to throw her fit while Celine threw her water bottle on the ground and then cried about throwing her water bottle on the ground…repeatedly. Finally I kept her water bottle up front and that caused HER to also have a nuclear-grade meltdown. At one point Mike joked, “shouldn’t these cars come with partitions like limos?”

Somehow, we made it home, and the girls recovered. They were good the rest of the day while Mike and I tried to unwind from the insanity of the morning.

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