Louise: 4.5


Well…to be honest, she has not been the best this month. She ran away while we were at the park one weekend – only back to our house, but it was still terrifying and I had to have the “stranger talk” with her afterward. She also has been having trouble expressing her emotions – which is a nice way of saying she’s been screaming, throwing, and hitting a lot more recently. I was pulled aside at her school a couple of weeks ago and informed that she had slapped another girl across the face, twice, when the girl declined to play with her during recess. That was…not great to hear. I called Michael on the ride home, crying (yes, I’m a drama queen), and to make me feel better he told me he “beat kids up” in Pre-K and had to have a reward chart just for him at his school just to keep him from fighting. So I guess we know where she gets it from!


We had a play date with a few of her DIS friends a week after and I brought up her hitting. I was reassured that all of the kids are in a phase where their frustrations are difficult to manage. They are also operating at Real Housewives-levels of drama. Each day has shifts in friendships and alliances.


Other than that, she’s been pretty good!


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