Pumpkin carving party

Ever since we started getting together for play dates last year, the group of moms from Louise’s PS class hang out every once in a while. We talked a while back about having a pumpkin carving party and I offered up our house.

I didn’t want to go overboard with any crafts, but had an idea to make a big pumpkin with paper flowers. It turned into a boondoggle of a craft – I had to make way more flowers than anticipated, and my fingers were raw from bending floral wire and burned from using the glue gun. Even with all of that, however, I think it turned out pretty nice!

Nietzsche helped.

I also made a Honeycrisp apple sangria that was pretty delicious.

Everyone came over around 3pm and we chatted for about an hour while the kids literally tore through the house screaming.

Once we decided they could use a break from the insanity, we herded them outside to carve pumpkins. I had bought some stick-on foam faces in case people didn’t want to go whole-hog on the carving, and most everyone opted for the stickers.

About three minutes after I took this picture, Louise said her tummy hurt and wanted to go inside and lay down on the couch.

We thought she was maybe just overheated or ate too much candy. As a few of the moms were chatting at our kitchen counter, we heard a sound like water splashing on the ground. I turned around and Louise had vomited. šŸ˜¦ I cleaned her up while Mike cleaned up the floor, and she resumed laying on the couch. Luckily her friends were very concerned and kept coming by to check on her.

We took a few pictures with the pumpkins (Louise absent due to the vomiting), and then her friends gathered around her for a pic.

I had provided lights for the jack-o-lanterns, but since only one person actually carved a pumpkin there was no need. Now I need to figure out how to use the lights…

It was a fun get together, other than the vomiting! (Mike and I both got sick that night as well…c’est la vie).


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